Typewine Wine Bottle Label - Drunk With Love

Your message on a bottle!

You’re invited somewhere, you’ve forgotten to buy a gift and only have time to grab a bottle of average wine from the supermarket. As you greet your host you quickly pass them the bottle - “Phew, I just about got away with that”.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to turn up with a wine gift that really makes an impression and gets everyone smiling?

Typewine presents an amusing wine label with a fantastic typographic design. Simply stick over the original label transforming a bottle of wine into a wonderful gift.

The message is clear: “Drunk with love”.

- 13 × 9 cm




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The typographic Typewine labels, made in Hamburg, is a project of the heart initiated by Michael Kijac. 

With a love of both wine and typography, Michael had been designing labels for wine bottles as personal gifts for his nearest and dearest. One day a friend wandered into his kitchen and was impressed by his wine gifts. He convinced him that very same day to think about taking the wine labels a step further and turning the idea into a real product – and so Typewine was born!

Dimensions and details

Dimensions13 × 9 cm
DesignerMichael Kijac. Designed and printed in Hamburg.
Suitable ForHigh shouldered traditional shaped wine bottles with a label smaller than 13 × 9 cm (most bottles) Alternatively the label can be placed on the back of the bottle.
NoteWine not included!