Paikka Extra-Small Soak-to-Cool Water Bowl - Tangerine

The Coolest Bowl in The World.

THE PROBLEM: Your dog or cat is not willing to drink lukewarm water during warm days.

THE SOLUTION: The award-winning PAIKKA Cool-to-Soak extra-small water bowl keeps water fresh and cool and encourages dogs to drink more and stay hydrated.

  • The award-winning Paikka Cool-to-Soak water bowl keeps water chilled for several hours, even during the hottest of days. Simply soak the bowl in cold water for 60 seconds to activate the naturally cooling effect.
  • The sleek Finnish design and tangerine colour will look stunning in your home.
  • FDA tested and approved.


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Most dogs have a strong appetite and some are very precise about their mealtimes. It's good to observe how your dog eats so you can support healthy eating habits.

PAIKKA Cool Bowls keep the water fresh and encourage your pet to drink more. PAIKKA Slow Feed Bowls prevent a dog from overeating and slow the pace of eating. This results in a healthier stomach and teeth.

"For dogs who gulp their food down, causing gastrointestinal distress, a PAIKKA food bowl is a MUST HAVE." 
Animal Medical Centre, New York.

Dimensions and details

CapacityVolume 0.2 5litre (8.4 fl oz)
DimensionsDiameter 13 cm | Height 3.5 cm
Material Magisso® Cooling Ceramic
Care AdviceDishwasher safe. Ensure that the bowl does not move during washing.
OriginDesigned in Helsinki, Finland