Zero Japan Salt Box - Carrot

When you're on the go in the kitchen, stirring with one hand and Sautéing with the other, you need a ZERO JAPAN salt box within easy reach.

Nice and roomy, simply flick the lid (yes it stays up), dig your hand in, and season your dishes with ease.

The carrot coloured ceramic box has a neat handle and a Japanese cypress wooden lid that allows the salt to 'breathe' whilst also keeping it protected and clean. It's also great for sugar too.

ZERO JAPAN's carrot salt box is a lovely addition to your kitchen counter and a must-have for any keen cook.


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ZERO JAPAN was established in 1992 by ceramicist Koji Inoue. He produces his fine ceramics in Mino, Japan – a region whose artisan tradition of pottery making dates back to the 7th century.

ZERO JAPAN manufactures stoneware pieces, a ceramic that is stronger and more robust than earthenware. Combining traditional Japanese craftsmanship with modern design, ZERO JAPAN's production involves the pouring of liquid clay into moulds. When hardened enough the still soft clay is carefully polished by hand. After drying for a day the pieces are bisque fired, cooled and glazed by hand one-by-one. The pieces are then fired once more at 1200°C.  

Dimensions and details

Capacity14.2 oz
DimensionsW 8.8 x L 15.2 x H 9 cm
MaterialGlazed stoneware ceramic body and Japanese cypress wooden lid
DesignerKoji Inoue
OriginMade in Japan