Butterie Flip-Top Butter Dish - Aqua

Change your life for the butter!

Butterie is a stylish butter dish that allows you to easily and conveniently enjoy soft, spreadable butter anytime. Butterie’s unique feature is its flip-top lid. This patented, one-piece design keeps butter protected while keeping countertops clean.

"One minute you are young and cool... and the next, you're getting all excited about a butter dish." says designer Joelle. We can only agree! 

The aqua butter dish holds a 225g pack of butter.

  • Shatterproof & BPA-free plastic
  • Easy-grip handles and non-slip base
  • Includes matching spreader and cradle


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It’s a fact that butter does not require refrigeration yet approximately only 1 in 4 of us keep our butter on the counter. These folks know that butter at room temperature is not only easier to spread, it tastes better too. Yet surprisingly, half of us have no idea that butter kept unrefrigerated is perfectly safe to consume and will last for several days when stored correctly.  

Having soft butter is so convenient. The days of ripping your toast, or trying to spread cold, hard butter on bread or crackers are gone!

Dimensions and details

CapacityHolds a standard block of butter
DimensionsW 18 x H 14 x D 11 cm
MaterialBPA-free plastic. Durable, shatterproof design.
Care AdviceEasy to clean. Dishwasher safe. Microwave-safe.
Top Tip!Butterie is great for cheese too.