Rivsalt BBQ Himalayan Rock Salt Block

Experience a completely new taste in barbeque.

The RIVSALT block of Himalayan salt transforms regular grilling into a gastronomic extravaganza. Simply add oil to the top surface and heat up the rock slowly to turn it into a sizzling cooking surface that also flavours your food evenly.

Ideal for meat, fish, shellfish, and vegetables, or even as a chilled serving plate for sushi or fresh fruits. Wipe or scrape clean after use and store at room temperature until the next barbeque.


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RIVSALT product range is designed by Swedish entrepreneur and designer Jens Sandringer. Jens came up with the concept while dining at a Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant in Bejing, where the master chef grated salt over the dishes using a large grater and big salt rock. A unique experience which sparked the initial product idea complementing the rise of Scandinavian food and design trends. After a productive six months of parental leave, the original RIVSALT product was launched in January 2013.

For simplified instructions on how to use your salt block click here 

Dimensions and details

Weight3.2 kg
Dimensions L 20 x W 15 x D 4.5 cm
DesignerJens Sandringer
Top Tip!for more information on how to grill with a salt block and how to care for your salt block, RIVSALT recommend the book "salt blocks cooking" by Mark Bitterman.