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Saimaa Loveliest in Finland - Vintage Travel Poster

This is one of our absolute favourites. Why? Because it's Finland in a nutshell.

Finland IS Lakeland. And you can still hop on the boat (the boats looks exactly the same today) at the harbours in cities like Kuopio and Savonlinna. And what a ride! It's you and the lake - for a full 10 hours.

This poster was published as an official stamp by the Finnish postal company in 2012, thanks to the Come to Finland-project.

Artist: Paul Söderström (1910–1999) & Göran Englund (1911–1940)

Published: 1939

Poster size: 64 x 100 cm 

Printed in Finland


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  • All reprints are made with kind permission from the copyright holders.
  • Every poster is printed on Finnish paper. All printing is done in Finland, at a local printing house in northern Helsinki and in Hyvinkää. Design and quality is never compromised.
  • All posters are printed in large format, close to their original size.
  • In order to give back the poster's original glow, high-quality offset printing is used. Digital printing just doesn't deliver the quality these posters deserve.
  • The original posters are found by Magnus Londen - a dedicated Poster Hunter and an expert on Finnish travel history, he is today a sought-after lecturer, both in Finland and abroad.

Dimensions and details

DesignSaimaa Loveliest in Finland
Dimensions64 x 100 cm
MaterialMunken Lynx Rough. This paper is FSC and PEFC certified, and inspected for Nordic Ecolabelled printing
OriginPrinted in Finland
DeliveryThe poster arrives ready for framing in a smart poster tube