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Klar's Therapeutic Earth Soap

Klar's Earth soap is made using plant oils, lanolin and naturally pure healing earth. For the supporting treatment and cleansing in cases of acne, neurodermatitis, sun burn and insect bites.

Healing earth also binds fat and bacteria and is free from artificial fragrances, colours and preservatives.

Made in Germany.

- 100g




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  • While many industrial soap manufacturers today still rely on animal fat, Klar Seifen only use pure vegetable oils from organic cultivation.
  • By means of a meticulous production process that involves five rolling operations, Klar's factory in Heidelberg produces highly concentrated and therefore very economical fine soaps.
  • Klar Seifen have been producing high-quality soaps according to both old and new recipes for more than 170 years, the family run business is now in its fifth generation.
  • Quality and tradition are the mainstay of all Klar soaps, they take great pride in using only the finest ingredients. Some of their soaps are still manufactured entirely by hand using up to 100-year-old moulds in addition to their state-of-the-art production technologies.