Atelier Pierre Standing Llama

The llama stands proud on the mountainous peaks of your furniture, ready to give your interior a playful and sleek Scandinavian look.

These beautiful woody works of art are made of puzzle pieces that are laser cut from bass wood. Just pop out the pieces and assemble. No fixings required.

Choose from two sizes:

Medium mummy llama : 19 cm

Large daddy llama : 27 cm




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The nordic range was stunningly created and developed by the young Belgian designer Bert Declercq. With a few strokes of his pen, he drew the contours of a moose, a llama, a rabbit, a deer, and a polar bear.

He came up with the idea to have the animals consist of about four pieces that have been laser cut from a sheet of plywood.

Putting together the figure creates a strong sense of involvement and adds a playful, hands-on dimension.

Dimensions and details

MediumMummy llama arrives boxed in board form - package size 30 x 43 cm
LargeDaddy llama arrives boxed in board form - package size 42 x 60 cm
MaterialBass plywood