Tamanohada Lavender Ball Soap

Tamanohada’s blissful LAVENDER ball soap is a serene sphere of soft, plant based soap with a texture like milk, infused with the soothing, herbal fragrance of lavender fields that will linger on your skin and in your bathroom. 

Tokyo-based Tamanohada’s round, seamless ball soaps are hand poured using a method they have practiced since 1892.

The result is kind to sensitive skin and rolls gently in your palms like a fresh snowball.

Made in Japan.

Approximately Ø 6.5cm.




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Making fine soap since the Meiji period in 1892, Tamanohada is one of Japan’s oldest remaining soap companies and has occupied a Tokyo factory space since its founding.

Known for their superior quality, Tamanohada soaps are made using a carved wooden mould, as with traditional Japanese ‘wagashi’ confections.

Tamanohada exclusively uses RSPO certified vegetable oils, an accreditation made in collaboration with Green Peace against deforestation. 

Dimensions and details

DimensionsApproximately Ø 6.5cm
OriginMade in Japan
NoteSoap will sit in a dish without rolling due to a slightly flat underside.