Kalastyle Pink 'Hello Soap' Dish

Kalastyle's Pink 'Hello Soap' dish is plastic-free and eco-friendly. It is made from diatomaceous earth stone, a natural resource that occurs in deposits along marine coastlines, glacial lakes, and on desert surfaces.

Its highly porous surface absorbs moisture naturally and self-dries in less than a minute. No soggy soap!

Easy to clean, just rinse with water and leave to air dry. Your soap is going to love you.

Add one of Kalastyle's many beautiful soaps to the diatomite soap dish for a perfect pairing - they go hand in hand.

- 10 x 10 cm.


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Inspired by the simplicity of Scandinavian design, Kalastyle is all about unique scents and mindful sourcing. They create cruelty-free soaps and hand creams made with natural ingredients- all in beautiful, bold packaging.

Kalastyle takes its name from the first two letters of founders Kate and Lance’s first names. Two toy inventors who fell in love left their jobs and began a soap company operating out of their New England farmhouse. Today, after 30 years of the family business, Kalastyle continues to grow, all the while sticking to their original message: Buy Good Soap, The Experience Matters™.

Dimensions and details

Dimensions10 x 10 cm
MaterialDiatomaceous earth stone
Care AdviceEasy to clean, just rinse with water and let air dry.
Top Tip!To keep the soap dish looking like new, apply a small amount of white vinegar on a soft cloth. Wipe the dish gently until clean, rinse with water and leave to dry in direct sunlight.