Seattle Seed Co. Organic Lavender Soap

Lavender has long been described as an herb of love, but it also was thought to keep a person chaste if a drop of lavender water was placed on the head. What a dichotomy! Whichever is more true, the smell of Lavender is balmy and soothing.

Wash your hands with the Seattle Seed Co's Organic Lavender Soap to get a quick dose of comfort during the day.

100% Natural Soap made from organic plant ingredients, with no synthetic colours, fragrances, or preservatives.


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Seattle Seed Co. was founded in 2010, only selling a handful of varieties of seeds. Over the years, they have expanded their product line to include many useful and high-quality items for the home and garden to make your life more full and enjoyable as you strive to live a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Items marked with * are certified organic.

Safflower oil* and/or sunflower oil*, palm oil*, coconut oil*, essential oils of lavender and lavandin, alkanet root, comfrey root, rosemary extract.