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Meraki Compressed Cloths

Now these little tablet-like compressed cloths are genius!

Ditch the bulky wet wipes that fill up your luggage and pack a box Meraki compressed cloths instead.

Meraki cloths are perfect when you're on the go, ideal for festivals, at the gym or away travelling. The cloths come in a convenient and compact plastic box that fits perfectly into your bag. 

Best of all the little box contains 60 cloths.

How to use the compressed cloths:

Dip a compressed cloth in a little water - hey-presto it turns into a practical and pleasant wash towel!


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Meraki offer you a unique world of lifestyle and skin care products designed and developed in Denmark. The range is made in a creative environment, inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics and with love for nature’s treasury.

Meraki products are based on simple and clean principles-

• Without parabens and colourants
• Without endocrine disrupting substances
• Without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
• Containing only mild preservatives
• Natural perfume – essential oils
• Basic oils of high quality
• Vegan skin care range