Meraki Men Charcoal & Salt Body Soap

This lovely body soap from Meraki is made especially for men.

The moisturising and nurturing soap contains charcoal and salt, making it not only a great cleanser but a body scrub too.

The scrub is able to remove dead skin cells and will therefore make your skin feel extremely soft after use. Rub the soap carefully into your skin and wash thoroughly after use.

This simple treatment will make your skin feel soft and healthy.

Finish with Meraki Men body lotion.

- 150 g


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Meraki is a Danish skincare company based on simple and clean principles.

Meraki have now developed Meraki Men - a series specifically designed for men's skin which is easy to use. The products from Meraki Men contain mild ingredients as cactus flower extract, organic olive oil and aloe vera which will nourish your skin, body and face. The products contain essential oils from rosemary which will provide your skin with a fresh scent. With the hair- and body shampoo, shaving products and facial- and body lotion you have all the products needed to keep your hair, skin and body well-cared-for in a simple manner.

Dimensions and details

NameMeraki Men Charcoal & Salt Body Soap
Capacity150 g