YuYu Luxury Fleece Hot Water Bottle - Lemon

Why move a small, traditional hot water bottle around your body when you can enjoy the blissful heat from the YuYu Bottle? Measuring 81cm the YuYu is the world's first long hot water bottle!

YuYu's long Bottle has a supersoft lemon yellow fleece cover that also has a long strap, enabling you to tie the YuYu Bottle around your shoulders or abdomen and pin point those painful spots - relief from discomfort and the cold.

The YuYu Bottle can be filled with less than a kettle of water and stays hot for up to 6 hours, providing blissful warmth that you will want to snuggle up to it all night long.


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How it all started...

Richard Yu registers a design for a long hot water bottle. The design is registered in forty-two countries around the world. Six months later Richard Yu is granted the design in ALL countries, becoming the first person in history, to register a long hot water bottle. He calls his invention the YuYu Bottle and the rest is history.

Dimensions and details

CapacityRequires less than a kettle to fill up (less than 1 litre) Cleverly designed bumps on the surface of the bottle trap air within the fabric making it stay warmer for longer.
DimensionsL 81 x W 13 cm
MaterialSri Lankan grade A natural rubber bottle, 100% Polyester luxury fleece
NoteStrap colour may vary