Silkeborg Rømø Herringbone Wool Throw - Apricot Orange

Silkeborg's gorgeous apricot orange Rømø throw is a lovely warm blanket that's just perfect for cold winters and chilly evenings.

Named after one of the Danish islands, Rømø uses a simple, traditional herringbone pattern to create a clean Nordic look. Rømø is woven from 100% pure wool in the most beautiful shade of warm orange and finished with a fringe of undyed ivory Icelandic wool. 

So layer up, snuggle under, and enjoy this gorgeous throw wherever it's placed.

- 140 x 240 cm.


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Silkeborg Uldspinderi was established in Denmark in 1987, and draws threads back to the 1940's when the family's first wool spinning mill was founded. Since then, raw wool has been the focus of Silkeborg Uldspinderi, and the fascination of wool as a unique natural material has remained intact over the years.

Wool has endless possibilities, because its nature varies depending on its geographical origins and the particular sheep it comes from. In addition, the spinning, the dyeing, the weaving and the processing that follows open up for a wide range of choices when creating these beautiful and lasting blankets.


Dimensions and details

Dimensions140 x 240 cm
Composition 100% worsted wool
Care AdviceThe blanket can be maintained by either airing or dry cleaning. This will keep it looking beautiful for many years to come.
OriginDesigned in Denmark