Lapuan Kankurit Revontuli Mohair Blanket - Brown & Green

Extremely light yet amazingly warm, Lapuan Kankurit's striking Revontuli blanket is woven using the luxurious combination of 70% mohair and 30% wool.

Mohair has a unique softness, lustre, and natural beauty that instantly warms whether wrapped around your shoulders on a chilly evening or draped over the sofa or end of the bed.  

Lapuan Kankurit's Revontuli throws are inspired by the colours of the Aurora Borealis. Here the brown and green blanket finished with a bright green fringe captures its beauty perfectly. 

- 130 x 170 cm + fringes.


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About mohair-

  • Mohair is a silk-like yarn made from the hair of the Angora goat.
  • Pure mohair wool is a silky, soft and warm organic material. 
  • Mohair is extremely warm and has excellent insulating properties. In summertime, it remains pleasantly cool. 
  • Mohair is both durable and resilient. 
  • Mohair takes dye exceptionally well. 
  • Lapuan Kankurit mohair blankets are made using South African mohair yarn and New Zealand wool spun in Europe.
The roots of the Lapuan Kankurit family business stretch back to the opening of the family's first textile factory in 1917. The everyday workings of a weaving mill involve various different stages, and every one of them requires a skilled professional. In addition, they are surrounded by an extensive network of passionate professionals: yarn dyers, designers, machinists... the very best in their industry. Together, they are Lapuan Kankurit.

Dimensions and details

ColourwayBrown & green
Dimensions130 x 170 cm + fringes
Material70% mohair and 30% pure new wool. Contains a small amount of nylon.
Care AdviceOnly wash if needed, otherwise hang outdoors in the fresh air for a while. Hand wash up to 30°c or dry clean.
DesignerElina Helenius
Top Tip!Mohair blankets benefit from brushing once in a while. Brush the blanket gently with a fabric brush.