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Candelize La Champa Scented Candle Refill

The concept, created by two Swedish entrepreneurs, is as elegant as it is clever: Candelize is the world's first refill solution for scented candles.

With a fragranced wax delivered in a stylish bag, Candelize allows you to re-use your favourite candle jars again and again.

It takes only minutes, or four simple steps to create your own La Champa candle in your chosen jar.

We know what you're thinking - what a brilliant idea!

So how does it work? See below for details.




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With Candelize it takes only minutes to make your scented candle: Melt the wax in the bag in a microwave oven or a pan of boiling water, add the wick to your jar and pour in the wax - job done, it really is a simple as that!

Candelize uses only natural eco soya wax with a very low melting point, this makes it safe and easy to use in almost any heat-resistant jar. The wax holds a high volume of fragrance and the two fine cotton wicks included in every bag are matched to the fragrance and wax.

Each bag makes two 150g candles or one sizeable 300g candle. One wick is perfect for a jar 8 cm wide. If the jar is bigger, use two evenly spaced wicks.

Charlotte Lusiak and Elsa Andrén create their scents in collaboration with leading Swiss and French perfume houses, and it shows as they smell amazing and burn beautifully, but don't just take our word for it!

Dimensions and details

Weight300 g / 10.5 oz
OriginMade in Sweden
Burn Time70 hours
ScentIndulgent, sparkling brut champagne, mingled with subtle hints of vanilla and barrel oak.
IngredientsNatural eco soya wax
Top Tip!Make sure the jar you choose is heat and fire resistant. A jar that has previously held a scented candle is ideal.