Ester & Erik Scented Candle - Karoline

Karoline (Rose Garden):

Karoline is the feeling of sensuality, a delicate fragrance of wild rose flowers on a lazy, warm day in the sun, a summer memory that will embrace your thoughts and light up long, dark nights.


Lemon, cardamom, cassis, rose, magnolia, powder, and musk.

The name:

KAROLINE is a natural, feminine name with a long history in Denmark. Both princesses and queens have carried the name, like the late Caroline Mathilde who was the wife of King Christian VII.

Complete with a wooden lid, matchbox, pouch and gift box.

45 - 50 hours burn time.


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With a natural scent of Nordic nature, the candles from Ester & Erik represent the affection for Danish traditions and the dedication to pure, Nordic fragrances. Encapsulating the essence of Denmark, which has been shaped and formed by a long history of Kings and Queens, each candle is dedicated to a royal ancestor and traps the fragrant scents of the incredible forces of the Nordic landscape.

Ester & Erik is a family-founded company with a long tradition of good craftsmanship and beautiful handmade candles designed with dedication and care. Since 1987 when Ester & Erik established the company the principles for making the perfect candle have never changed – and the focus still is “Quality first, always”.

Dimensions and details

DimensionsH 12 x Ø 8cm
OriginMade in Denmark
Burn Time1 wick | 45-50 hours burning time
ScentThe scent of wild rose and sparkling citrus. An intoxicating and sensual fragrance.
Top Tip!The first time you light the candle let it burn long enough to get the entire top liquid wax, this will prevent tunneling.