Wreath Of Fullness Hanging Decoration - Ø 29 cm

Etno Design creates beautiful hanging laser cut wooden decorations based on Lithuanian folklore and fairytales.

The beautifully detailed Wreath of Fullness hanging decoration is ready to hang in your window and watch as it gently turns in the breeze.

Each Etno decoration comes packaged with a little poetic story.

Wreath of Fullness.

"This wreath is full of Life and recites everything the way it is. Hang the wreath on the door and it will open..."

Excerpt from the accompanying text. The full text is displayed in the card of the gift, both in English and Lithuanian.

- Ø 29 cm


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Etno Design was founded in 2010 by Linas and Rūta Ambrasūnai. Their aim is to design decorations that they would like to receive.

Sheets of plywood are turned into the most exquisite laser-cut decorations that are based on folklore and fairytales. Be it a coaster for your teapot or beautiful hanging decoration, Etno's intricate designs are sure to bring a little joy.

Dimensions and details

DiameterØ 29 cm
MaterialLaser cut plywood
OriginCrafted in Lithuania
NoteOne side is darker to add contrast as it turns.