ArchitectMade Parent Bird By Kristian Vedal

The simple yet expressive ArchitectMade Parent BIRD was designed by Kristian Vedel in 1959. Now a legend, BIRD is the essence of Danish design. 

Parent bird is the tallest member of the family. Though simple in appearance, its clean lines create endless expressions by merely tilting its head in virtually any direction. The body can be turned upside down making the bird either male or female.

Choose from natural or smoked oak.

A truly timeless classic made by hand in Denmark.

- 12 cm


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Kristian Vedel was born in 1923 and was educated at the Danish School of Arts, Crafts and Industrial Design, where he later lectured. Vedel’s designs are known for his creative use of materials, especially plastic and wood. In his award- winning and refined designs, Vedel typically places emphasis on the ergonomical and rational aspects of an object. 

Kristian Vedel designed his family of BIRDs - children, parents and grandparents back in 1959. Though only the small BIRD was set in production, it quickly became one of the most successful Danish wooden products from the 50s. 

Today, the entire expressive BIRD family has been re-introduced by ArchitectMade. They are all handmade by a wood turner in Denmark who only uses high quality smoked and natural oak wood.

Dimensions and details

DesignParent Bird
ColourwaySmoked or Natural Oak
DimensionsH 12 cm, D 6.5 cm
MaterialOak, maple & wenge wood
DesignerKristian Vedel
OriginMade in Denmark