Kay Bojesen Denmark Boje The Boy Skier

Kay Bojesen designed his two fresh-faced skiers at the end of the 1940's. 

The happy boy skier with his rosey red cheeks and bobble hat is named Boje, Kay Bojesen's pet-name for his son, Otto. The boy skier’s female companion is named after Otto’s wife Ruth, whose pet-name was Datti.

“Boje" and “Datti” are immensely human with their intense eyes, energetic body language and smart skis, standing at the ready anywhere in the home – on the windowsill, desk or bookshelf.

These two dauntless figures were only produced in small series, so the original wooden ones are very rare. 


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Kay Bojesen (1886 - 1958)

Kay Bojesen is known for his significant contribution to Danish functionalism, for creating handcrafted Danish design with humour and a smile and, naturally, for his popular “animal circus”, where monkeys, elephants, hippos and dogs scamper and romp about the design menagerie to the delight of people of all ages. 

Dimensions and details

DesignBoje The Skier
DimensionsW 15.5 x H 17 x D 6 cm
MaterialPainted beech
DesignerKay Bojesen