Kay Bojesen Seagull Mobile By Rosendahl - Large

As a keen birdwatcher, Kay Bojesen created his own interpretations of several bird species. Now the time has come to introduce another feathered favourite to the flock, as Kay Bojesen Denmark sends the Seagull soaring.

Kay Bojesen designed the Seagull in 1954 for the Carpenters’ Guild’s jubilee exhibition. Just 23 of these seagulls were originally made.

Rosendahl's painted beech Seagull has a long spring for hanging, it is available in three different sizes, and this is the large seagull.

Hang from the long spring to add life to any window or corner.




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Kay Bojesen (1886 - 1958)

Kay Bojesen is known for his significant contribution to Danish functionalism, for creating handcrafted Danish design with humour and a smile and, naturally, for his popular “animal circus”, where monkeys, elephants, hippos and dogs scamper and romp about the design menagerie to the delight of people of all ages. 

Rosendahl work closely with Kay Bojesen’s family to put a great many of Bojesen’s most popular creations into production.

Dimensions and details

DimensionsW 42 x H 67 x D 36 cm
MaterialPainted beech
DesignerKay Bojesen