Ritzenhoff WHISKY Glass - Adam Hayes

For their 25th anniversary, German glass manufacturer Ritzenhoff present a series of Whisky glasses decorated by a series of individual artists.

The wide body of the glass allows the flavour to unfold perfectly, while the tapered opening shields the whisky. Meanwhile, the solid base prevents the cool beverage from being warmed by the hands of the person holding the cup.

Designed for Ritzenhoff, Welsh illustrator Adam Hayes's tumbler features a botanical design that is sure to be the must-have gift for all design lovers and uisgeophiles.




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    To this day, the Scottish and the Irish dispute who invented whiskey. What’s certain is that Christian missionaries brought the centuries-old art of distilling to the Celts, who used it to make alcoholic beverages rather than perfume and medicine. However, these beverages were used as medicine too: the original Gaelic name “uisge beatha” literally means “water of life”. The term was shortened to “whiskey” by the English. The new medicine met with great enthusiasm, and private distilleries shot up everywhere. While the Irish mainly used barley and oats for production, the Scottish used almost all types of grain. They also heated their furnaces with peat rather than coal, which gave their distillates the typical smoky flavour that Scotch whisky is known for to this day.

    Dimensions and details

    DimensionsH 9.5 x Ø 8 cm
    Care AdviceHand wash only
    DesignerAdam Hayes
    OriginMade in Germany
    NotePresented in a rose gold gift box