Helen B Porcelain Plate - Naked Couple

helen b – alias for Helen Blanchaert is a creative jack of all trades, who likes to do what creative souls do best. She simply loves to create her own universe of illustrations, populated by odd characters, animal and strange creatures that come to life on her drawing board.

Mainly transferred onto porcelain cups, the most important thing helen wants to achieve with her work is putting a smile on people's faces.

Helen works intensively together with a sheltered workspace in Ghent, whereby each cup is lovingly hand finished with a permanent transfer. 


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In a former life helen b used to work with refugees. Today the social component of her work remains very important. She works intensively together with the sheltered workspace Ryhove

Growing means making choices that affect people and the environment. helen b is always looking for improvements to make all aspects of her work environmental friendly. It's an ongoing process and an everyday concern that never stops. 

Dimensions and details

DesignNaked Couple
DimensionsØ 30 cm
MaterialWhite Porcelain
Care AdviceDishwasher & microwave safe
OriginDesigned in Belgium by Helen Blanchaert