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GinChup is based on Zaanse ketchup and infused with Bobby’s, a distilled gin that contains 8 botanicals. These botanicals give GinChup its zesty character while staying true to being on the ketchup side.

GinChup’s taste unfolds in three phases...

At first, you'll experience GinChup's fresh flavour. From there, you taste the zesty blend of spices, which hints towards the botanicals found in the Bobby’s Gin used. And, in the end, the 2% alcohol makes sure that the taste nicely vanishes in your mouth.

It won’t get you drunk, but it will get things going!




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Josh started making GinMayo as the sauce he wanted to serve his guests in his restaurant. Simon told Josh the sauce was so good that it deserved a life of its own.

These guys are bonded by their love of food. They always celebrate what they eat, and have built their careers on doing what they love. And guess what, they’re best friends too.

So, with a shared belief in the power of collaboration, they started mixing the right things together and made GinMayo & GinChup to what it is today…

Dimensions and details

Size170 ml
OriginMade in Holland
NoteContains 2% alcohol