NORÐUR & CO. Arctic Sea Salt Flakes 125 g

Norður Salt’s bold, bright and slightly tart Arctic sea salt is great with seafood and fish, in stews and soups and as a finishing salt for salads, fish, and meats, lending any dish a distinctive flair.

The small, crunchy flakes have their own unique characteristics, reminiscent of the mineral-rich Arctic sea. Norður Salt is made with a belief in high-quality and with minimal impact on the environment. The unique geothermal production method was first tried in 1753 in the same place Norður Salt is made today; Breiðafjörður.

... And just look at the beautiful box!

- 125 g


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Situated on the tiny island of Karlsey in magical Breiðafjörður in the Westfjords of Iceland, Norður & Co production facilities are strategically located to take advantage of the abundant geothermal energy and the pristine, mineral-rich coastal waters that the area is known for.

With its extensive algal forests, seaweed and extreme biodiversity, Breiðafjörður is often referred to as the underwater rainforest of the North. The fjord’s clear and clean Arctic seawater has been an important source of food for Icelanders through the ages.

The unique and beautiful packaging for Norður Salt was created in collaboration with the design team at Jónsson & Le’mack, Reykjavik. The mermaid Alda represents the freshness and purity of the Arctic seas that flow into Breiðafjörður and the mound of salt in each of her hands illustrates our balanced view of sustainability.

Dimensions and details

Weight125 g
OriginBreiðafjörður in the Westfjords of Iceland.
Ingredients100% organic sea salt
Do you know?The origami-like box uses no glue and is made from recycled paper, consistent with the commitment to sustainability.