Tranquilizer Hot Sauce by Raijmakers Heetmakers

Raijmakers Heetmakers are the award-winning Dutch hot sauce duo bringing radical, remedial relishes to your plate.

The Tranquilizer hot sauce is their most versatile and moreish hot sauce, containing a great mix of the beloved Habanero peppers and sweet potato. Rounded out with ingredients such as lime, carrots, and smoked bell peppers for depth, this tangy hot sauce is every dish's best friend. The ultimate all-rounder hot sauce to always have on the table!

- Spice level ***


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Rajimakers Heetmakers is a family company established in the south of the Netherlands by brothers Freek & Stan. Although the Netherlands is not exactly famous for its spicy food, it's the brothers' mission to share their love for hot sauce and passion for the piquant with the Dutch people (and the rest of the world) through their rebellious relishes.

The Raijmakers Heetmakers' hot sauce experience stands out from the crowd. Their perfect fusion of fine-tuned flavour and heat, all achieved through natural ingredients, make these hot sauces a remedy for both you and your food. Everything gets better with a dose of Raijmakers Heetmakers!

Dimensions and details

Size150 ml
OriginMade in Holland
Note100% Vegan • Refrigerate after opening
Do you know?Tranquilizer has a Habenero Schoville rating of 350,000