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The Mallows - Pistachio & White Chocolate

Each unique treat created by The Mallows is a pillowy moment of bliss!

Take a minute to close your eyes and savour each mouthful of The Mallows organic, vanilla mallows coated with soft, Belgian white chocolate and natural pistachio. The beautiful green colour comes from organic spirulina, and it makes us think of springtime. 

The ultimate spring feeling gathered in one bite... but don't just take our word for it!

Handmade in Denmark from high quality ingredients. 

- 90g

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Whether you fancy a gooey caramel filling, tangy fruit flavours or a classic chocolate finish, there's a Mallow for every taste in this Danish company's decadent repertoire. 

As well as their unique flavour fusions, what sets The Mallows apart from the rest is their signature "chewiness”, which gives them a bit more bite than your run-of-the-mill marshmallows.

The mastermind behind The Mallows is Emma Bülow, sister of liquorice legend Johan - the inventor of Lakrids, a Hus & Hem staple. Sweetness clearly runs in the family!

Dimensions and details

FlavourPistachio & White Chocolate
OriginMade in Denmark

Ingredients: 46% white chocolate* (EU) (cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, whole milk powder*, emulsifier: soy lecithin*), glucose syrup*, cane sugar*, water, dextrose* pistachio*, gelatin*, gelatine spirulina* (freeze-dried) preservative: E270.

* = organic

Chocolate contains at least 30% cocoa solids.

Marshmallow flavoured with organic Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar.