Fatso Home Run Dark Chocolate Bar - Salted Pretzel, Almond & Honeycomb

If chocolate eating were a sport, we'd be the reigning champs! While we can't hand you a trophy, we can certainly deliver Fatso's Home Run chocolate bar – a true winner.

This isn't just any chocolate bar, it's a snack stadium sensation! Fatso pays tribute to the classic baseball munchies with a game-changing blend of salty pretzels, whole almonds, and honeycomb. 

So, dive into the decadent world of the finest dark Columbian chocolate that's ready to hit a home run on your taste buds.

Fatso's big 150g Home Run bar isn't just a treat, it's a declaration of their dedication to the art of chocolate making – and we're not just saying that, so take a bite and see for yourself!


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About Fatso

If you prefer your dark chocolate to be SINGLE-ORIGIN, your inclusions to be ABUNDANT, your flavour combinations to be EPIC, and your chunks to be COLOSSAL, we might just be on the same page... Fatso believes that MORE MATTERS and this philosophy extends beyond just their products.

Luker serves as their exclusive chocolate supplier. As a family-owned business and co-operative, they are 100% ethically driven. Not only do they cultivate delicious and sustainable cocoa, which has earned them the highest chocolate classification in the industry – FINO DE AROMA – but they also collaborate closely with a network of farmers, alliances, and communities to enhance social welfare, biodiversity, and farming practices.

Dimensions and details

FlavourHome Run - Salted Pretzel, Whole Almond & Honeycomb
OriginMade in United Kingdom
Useful to knowFATSO are partners of the Chocolate Dream, which means for every bar that you buy, funds are going toward life changing projects from improving access to education to creating access to clean safe drinking water in villages.