Saltverk Icelandic Flaky Sea Salt - 250g

Saltverk Flaky sea salt is a crunchy, mineral-fresh sea salt produced using only energy from geothermal hot springs in the northwest of Iceland.

Saltverk's way of making salt is based on the 17th century method practiced in Reykjanes. Geothermal energy is the sole energy source used, which means that during the whole process they leave a zero carbon footprint on the environment.

The crystal salt flakes contain the flavour and taste of the Nordic region from which the raw materials are derived. 

Please note the Flaky sea salt packaging is in Danish.

- 250g


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Saltverk sea salt is a unique, crunchy, pure sea salt from the remote Westfjords of Iceland. 

Saltverk makes artisan flake sea salt, using a two centuries old method, in the Westfjords of Iceland. It is located on a small peninsula, Reykjanes, separating two fjords, surrounded by high mountains. Reykjanes has some of the cleanest seawater imaginable which is the raw material used for making sea salt, where the North Arctic Ocean stream goes down the bay of Isafjardardjup. 

The raw material is the pristine seawater of the Westfjords. To produce the salt, they only use green, geothermal energy from the regions hot geysers. this means the carbon footprint when making the salt is zero.