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Organic Nordic Honey - A Sting of Chilli 75g

Give the sweet gift of organic Nordic Honey this Christmas.

A Sting of Chilli - A jar of sweetness and fire… combining sweet honey with the heady heat of chilli. Handmade in small batches, the spicy flavour is created by immersing fresh organic chillies in honey for several days. The resulting spicy honey can complement a cheese platter, provide a kick to a home BBQ or enhance any dish requiring a lively flavour boost.

Every little tasting pot of Nordic Honey is packaged as luxuriously as the honey itself.

Size: 75g


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It was around October 2014 when Kadri Mets, founder of Nordic Honey, happened to read an article about bees and the preciousness of organic honey. She realised that most of us love honey but do not understand the real value of it. The idea of creating a brand that truly reflects the beauty and pureness of organic honey struck her and she thought why not to give it a try. So she did!

Nordic Honey is a premium honey brand that partners with a select handful of small apiaries to offer high quality organic honey. There are no noisy highways, dirty factories or chemically fertilised fields within three kilometres of their bee hives, allowing the nectar gatherers to live in peace and harmony with the nature around them.

Dimensions and details

NameA Sting of Chilli
IngredientsHoney, chilli. All ingredients certified organic.
NotePresented in a Nordic Honey gift jar