The Mallows Organic Marshmallows - Summer Berry

Organic wonderfully summery strawberry & blackcurrant marshmallows.

You could say Emma Bülow, The Mallows creator, is a Marshmallow Alchemist. Her incredibly soft and pillowy marshmallows are truly a taste and texture sensation.

Not all marshmallows are the same, these are nothing like the sweet pink and white ones. The Mallows are handcrafted and organic, and, like you and I, they are delightfully different. You might even say they have personality - each mouthwatering flavour is based on a different character!

Read about Annabelle Sloane's Summer Berry marshmallows below.

Made in Denmark.

- 150g 


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About Annabelle Sloane - 

Annabelle lives alone in an old house with an enormous berry garden. In summer the village kids come after school and stuff themselves with berries. Some say the kids steal from the weird lady’s garden. In winter, the mothers often visit for a cup of tea, and Annabelle always insists on giving them a jar of homemade jam. Some say it is exploiting Annabelle’s generosity. People are fascinatingly different. Annabelle, for example, is a real sweetheart. And some; some are just cynics.

Dimensions and details

FlavourAnnabelle Sloane's Summer Berry
OriginLovingly handmade in Denmark
NoteNot suitable for vegetarians
Did you know?The philosophy behind The Mallows is an uncompromising approach to ingredients; "only the best is good enough". The marshmallows are organic and only natural flavours are used.