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The Mallows Organic Marshmallows - Sweet & Sour Delight

Limited edition organic strawberry & sour lemon flavour marshmallows with a double chocolate coating.

You could say Emma Bülow, The Mallows creator, is a Marshmallow Alchemist. Her incredibly soft and pillowy marshmallows are truly a taste sensation.

Not all marshmallows are the same, these are nothing like the pink and white ones. The Mallows are handcrafted and organic, and, like you and I, they are delightfully different. You might even say they have personality - each mouthwatering flavour is based on a different character!

Read about The Lovegood's Sweet & Sour marshmallows below.



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About the Lovegoods - 

The Lovegoods have been all over the world; yoga retreats on idyllic coasts, festivals in endless meadows, gatherings in hidden forests, and moonlight dances on exotic beaches. These days, they stay a little more local, and the van breaks down a little more often, but the journey is the same. A free spirit, a lack of clothes, a sour little lemon tree and the sweetest kitten called strawberry. Just like their travelling companion, the Lovegoods are an odd couple, but a perfect match.

Dimensions and details

FlavourThe Lovegood's Sweet & Sour Delight
OriginLovingly handmade in Denmark
NoteNot suitable for vegetarians
Did you know?The philosophy behind The Mallows is an uncompromising approach to ingredients; "only the best is good enough". The marshmallows are organic and only natural flavours are used.