Pimp up your sandwiches with a squeeze of Gin Mayo!

Gin Mayo started life in a seafood restaurant and bar in Amsterdam, serving up delicious food and wicked cocktails made using one of 12 types of gin available. Their love of seafood and gin has lead to the creation of Gin Mayo. They combine their stunning Mayo with 2% Bobby's Gin.

The incredible result is perfect for dishes you would have normal mayo or ketchup with, including mussels, French fries, burgers, seafood and pizza.

Give GinMayo a go, it tastes like a tangy seafood sauce with a balanced botanical edge.

*Short date - April 2021




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GinMayo is great
  • As a gift
  • On seafood
  • For breakfast
  • Fries best friend
  • Boozy sandwich
  • Drown your snacks

Dimensions and details

Size170 ml
OriginMade in Holland
NoteContains 2% alcohol