Fatboy Bolleke Hanging Lamp - Red

Twinkle, twinkle hanging light… illuminate my place tonight. 

Wireless, strong and perfectly formed, Fatboy's red Bolleke light is above the norm. Hang it up or sit it down, this rechargeable light's the best in town.

Create the perfect setting with this little pearl of illumination. From cosy bedroom comfort, to chic outdoor dining, the 3 light modes are sure to set an idyllic scene. Simply charge with the USB portal and enjoy up to 24 hours of wonderful wireless illumination.

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In 1998, the Finnish designer Jukka Setälä designed a beanbag unlike any other. Fatboy is – as many people think – not named after the firm shape of the beanbag, but after the artist Fatboy Slim. Setälä received a Fatboy Slim CD in the late nineties and this gave him the inspiration for a brand name: Fatboy the Original. The Dutchman Alex Bergman saw a lot of potential in the Finnish beanbag design and in 2003 he acquired the exclusive selling rights.  

The last 15 years, Fatboy has developed considerably. The beanbag is without doubt the ultimate hero, but Fatboy does a lot more than just creating beanbags. The collection has expanded into a diverse range of iconic products: from lamps and carpets to side tables, hammocks and the Lamzac. All products are designed with one goal: escaping the daily routine with a big smile. 

Dimensions and details

DesignBolleke - Red
DimensionsØ 20 cm | 100 cm hanging loop
MaterialOuter: HDPE | Inner: ABS | Loop: silicone rubber
Battery LifeSetting 1 - 8 hrs | 2 - 15 hrs | 3 - 20 hrs. Cordless & rechargeable (USB charger included)
Wattage2700 Kelvin | 1 Watt | 38.6 Lumen
Care AdviceWipe clean using a soft damp cloth
Suitable ForIndoor and outdoor use