Mantas Ezcaray Matisse Mohair Scarf - L'Atelier Rouge

When the weather outside is frightful wrap yourself in a luxurious mohair scarf and think warm thoughts!

Light-as-a-feather and soft-as-a-cloud, Mantas Ezcaray's 'L'Atelier Rouge' mohair scarf features a fabulous, fiery colour palette that's perfect for adding a pop of colour to your seasonal wardrobe.

The artist Matisse used colour to dazzling effect. Ezcaray has taken inspiration from his artwork to create their Matisse collection. Each scarf is made up of nine colourful stripes, where each colour is repeated - the result is the most beautiful scarf that is just dreamy in all its fuzziness. 


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Started by Cecilio Valgañón in 1930, family-owned Mantas Ezcaray is located in the town of Ezcaray in La Rioja, Spain. Surrounded by mountains, forests and abundant water, Ezcaray has been at the heart of the Spanish textile industry. Nowadays, Mantas Ezcaray is the only manufacturer left in Spain making blankets and scarves from nature's finest fibres.

What is Mohair?

Mohair is a natural fibre from the Angora goat. It is both durable and resilient and known for its beautiful softness, lustre, lightness and warmth. It is as soft as silk and excellent for anyone with sensitive skin as the wool does not irritate or itch like standard sheep's wool. 

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Dimensions and details

NameL'Atelier Rouge
DimensionsW 22 x L 180 cm
Composition50% Mohair + 50% Wool
Care AdviceDo not wash. Brush with a clothes-brush in the direction of the nap.
OriginHandmade in Ezcaray, Spain
Do you know?In winter weather mohair is super-warm and has excellent insulating properties.