Fatboy Toní Armchair - Lemon

A new garden classic. Come, sit.

The classic bistro chair with its hexagonal, woven cane inspired Fatboy’s latest range of boldly designed outdoor furniture.

With its smooth, generous lines and robust seat, Fatboy's Lemon Toní Armchair combines a welcoming shape with a sturdy design. The armrests give it a fun, almost cartoonish look. Of course, the Toní’s hexagonal pattern in the seat and back is unmistakable. It’s also nice and airy to sit on.

Feel free to lift the Toní Armchair and discover how light it is. Comes in handy, as you can easily stack up to four chairs.


Available for pre-order. Delivery 7 - 10 days.

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About the designer

Toní is developed in collaboration with Erik Stehmann, who started his design studio in 2009 in Arnhem (NL). Since then he has been researching his rapidly changing fascinations on a daily basis, looking for new possibilities and applications of basic techniques and materials.

Whether it starts with a weird sentence or frustration about how ugly some products are, it always ends in an innovative project or product that is meant to make the world a little more fun. “I like that Toní is both new and recognizable. I see the chair as a friendly cartoon character. I would like to have dinner with him."

Dimensions and details

Weight3.6 kg
DimensionsWidth: 59.5 | Height 80.5 | Depth 55 | Seat width 44 | Seat height 46.5 | Armrest height 64.5 | space between arms 52.5 cm
MaterialAluminium coated with Axalta (highest standard outdoor coating) | All-weather resistant | UV-resistant
Care AdviceWet or dry cloth. Do not use cleaning agents containing chemicals.
DesignerErik Stehmann
Suitable ForIndoor & outdoor use