Stelton Peak Bonbonniere

Stylish, elegant and mysterious...

Hide away treats, sweets, jewellery or keys in this beautiful bonbonniere designed by internationally renowned designer Mikaela Dörfel.

The design’s tight, consistent line is broken by a spontaneous, playful crest on the bonbonniere’s lid.

The Peak bowl consists of aluminium with a surface in brushed brass. An invisible coating of lacquer prevents tarnishing and fingerprints and makes cleaning unnecessary.

Peak is available in two sizes.




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Mikaela Dörfel and her team have created tableware collections for many international design brands and markets. She runs her office in the north of Hamburg, Germany. 

Originally from Finland, much of her inspiration comes from the Scandinavian design tradition and nature. Her work is always highly individual with timeless elegance. Her impeccable detailing emphasizes the strong conceptual ideas. All her designs are innovative yet functional.

Mikaela Dörfel knows that a good product takes more than a creative inspiration: “My design is often inspired by nature, but then I am always looking for a clear structure and a consequent basic principle in all objects. The basic idea has to be right but real quality is a matter of details.”

Dimensions and details

DimensionsSmall Ø 11 cm x H 7.5 cm | Medium Ø 13 x 8.5 cm
MaterialAluminum with surface in brushed brass
Care AdviceAn invisible lacquered coating prevents fingerprints and makes cleaning unnecessary
DesignerMikaela Dörfel
OriginDesigned in Denmark