Bookman Visibility Lightstick - Sand Grey

Be safe, be seen, and look as cool as a Swede!

Bookman's powerful wearable Lightstick in sand grey has an elegant 360-degree glow that keeps you visible and safe in low light. Whether you’re out with the dog or taking an evening walk, the rechargeable Lightstick makes sure you can be seen from afar.

Compact, waterproof, and built to last, the lightstick clips securely to bags and jackets. As well as its different modes, the ambient light has a clever fade out function to avoid sudden blackouts and maximise runtime - when the battery gets low, the brightness gradually reduces.


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Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Bookman draws on the heritage of Swedish safety-conscious brands but also finds inspiration in the traditions of minimalistic, functional Scandinavian design and innovative technology. And, coming from the land of polar nights, with 24 hours of darkness, each product must live up to the highest standards.

Bookman creates inspiring visibility products with an aesthetic edge for cyclists, runners and pedestrians that need to see and be seen. With a heavy focus on the details, quality and safety, the design has one goal: to make everyone visible in traffic and prevent accidents.

Dimensions and details

ColourwaySand Grey
Dimensions70 x 15 mm
Charged UsingStandard micro-USB cable. To reduce impact on the environment and cut down on e-waste, the cable is not included.
Battery LifeUp to 13 hours
OriginDesigned in Sweden