Yamazaki Como Wastebasket

Even rubbish looks good in Yamazaki's minimalist Como bin.

The attractive, lightweight white wastebasket works in any room of the house, whether in the bathroom, bedroom, office or kitchen.

The wide wooden handle makes it a cinch to pick up and empty, so there are no excuses.

Simple, elegant Japanese design to keep your home in order.


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Yamazaki began over a century ago as a small, family-run ironing board manufacturer. Today, they apply the same sense of purpose and commitment to quality across hundreds of products—all designed to make life at home simpler, tidier and better.

Already a household name across Japan, Yamazaki is expanding again—this time with a mission to bring innovative, thoughtful goods to homes across the world.

Dimensions and details

DimensionsH 32 x W 24 x D 19.5 cm
MaterialPolypropylene, wood
OriginDesigned in Japan