Zone Denmark Singles Kitchen Roll Holder - Cool Grey

The kitchen roll is practical and indispensable. It must be within easy reach and it must be easy to tear off a piece of paper. It should preferably not stand and let the paper wind off the roll on its own. That’s the reason why Zone’s cool grey kitchen roll holder has a bit of extra edge. Quite literally!

While the softly rounded metal base is the epitome of elegance and discretion, it is also functional and effective. It helps keep the paper on the kitchen roll and commands a firm and convenient place on the table.


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Zone Denmark makes a statement that leaves you in no doubt. They interpret evolving trends, using strong and clear DNA to create functional design for everyone. Expressed in a minimalistic and honest design language, their designs embrace new ideas, innovative solutions and exquisite materials. Their purpose is to challenge convention, inspire curiosity and create beauty.

Dimensions and details

ColourwayCool grey
DimensionsL 32 x Ø 14.5 cm
MaterialMatt lacquered metal
DesignerVE2 design Denmark