Kosta Boda Snowball Votive Candle Holder - Medium

Kosta Boda's medium Snowball candle holder is much more than a simple votive—it's an iconic masterpiece that has been radiating its enchanting glow since its inception in 1973.

Born from an innovative experiment, where glass was skillfully blown directly into a snowdrift, this extraordinary creation meticulously mirrors the shape, texture, and pure essence of snow.

Designed by the esteemed Ann Wolff, the 70 mm crystal glass Snowball stands as a timeless masterpiece, eternally illuminating the winter season with its enduring elegance.


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Kosta Boda, crafting glass since 1742.

Kosta Boda has worked with glass for almost 300 years, during which they have developed a deep understanding and love for the material. They work with design, interior design, lifestyle, and art, striving to create products that are bold and progressive while still being easily accessible.

Kosta Boda isn't just about what they make; it's who they are. Courage, determination, and collaboration have defined them since their founding. Perseverance, craftsmanship, ingenuity, and artistic flair have shaped their creative, inspiring, and bold glassware. They envision themselves as a progressive and inquisitive Swedish brand with unwavering integrity, interpreting contemporary urban living.

Dimensions and details

DesignSnowball - Small
DimensionsH 70 x Ø 80 mm
MaterialCrystal glass
DesignerAnn Wolff
Suitable ForHolds a standard metal cupped tea light
NoteCandle not included
PackagingPresented in a gift box