Have A Look Reading Glasses - Square Black

Have A Look are Danish makers of fashionable and affordable unisex reading glasses. They believe that your style should be sharp, even if your vision isn’t.

Chunky black square BIOplastic reading glasses in a retro look. Have A Look's 'Square' are unquestionably glasses that lend character, with their big, rectangular frames in a modern retro style. The black frames are classic, but the graphically restrained rectangular shape gives ‘Square’ glasses a striking and edgy look. These reading glasses are super lightweight and comfortable to wear despite their chunky frames.


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Have A Look is owned and run by the Danish design duo Mette Wotkjær and Christina Kattrup Schrøder, both of whom have great experience in lifestyle communication and design and a good eye for fashion and trends. Their mission is to create fun and fashionable unisex reading glasses at affordable prices.

What is Bioplastic?

Have A Look's BIOplastic frames are made from 65% vegetable oil from the castor oil plant, a hardy, fast-growing, inedible plant. When converted into raw material, it has the same great qualities as their traditional plastic spectacle frames: light, robust and durable. 

Like their traditional plastic glasses, the BIOplastic glasses are 100% recyclable and should be put in the plastic waste container when their useful life is up, to be disposed of in an environmentally responsible way.

Which strength?

When it comes to common, age-related long sight, we humans are relatively similar, and broadly speaking, the table below will provide a good guideline. (Remember it is only a guide!) If you are in any doubt we recommend that you have an eye test.

  • 40 years: +1
  • 45 years: +1.5
  • 50 years: +2
  • 55 years: +2.5
  • 60 years: +3

Dimensions and details

DesignSquare Black
MaterialFrames made from 65% plant-based raw material (BIOplastic) from the castor oil plant. Aspherical acrylic lenses. Frames, lenses and felt case are all 100% recyclable. All metal components are of course nickel-free.
Care AdviceUse a polishing cloth and wash occasionally with a mild soap or detergent.
OriginDesigned in Denmark.
Suitable ForThese reading glasses are unisex, with comfortable, hard-wearing flexi-arms that fit all head sizes.
NoteSupplied with a Have A Look felted case.