Hoptimist Bumble Turquoise - Large

Make every day a little more joyful with a Hoptimist!

In 1968, Danish cabinetmaker Gustav Ehrenreich started the production of the boy Bumble and the girl Bimble. Bumble is recognisable by his inquisitive eyes and a small stick hat on top of his head.

Most smiles start with another smile. The classic Hoptimist is the epitome of smiles, optimism and good mood, and with its happy colours and round, harmonious expressions, it spreads joy wherever it ends up. 

A light tap on his head and the large turquoise Bumble is brought to life, just for a while - but always with the same result...a smile.

The large Hoptimist Bumble stands, or should we say bounces, at 15 cm high.


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The Hoptimist originated in 1968 when furniture designer Gustav Ehrenreich decided that the world needed cheering up. He wanted to put the smile back on people’s faces so he created the must-have happy-maker for every Danish home. He carried on producing Hoptimists until 1974.

The smiley, springy characters were given a new lease on life in 2009 when Danish fashion designer Lotte Steffensen decided that the recession-hit country was in need of another dose of Hoptimism. She contacted Gustav’s son and asked for the rights to start producing the Hoptimist again. He gave his blessing and today, nearly every Danish home and office desk has its own Hoptimist.

"Hoptimists are a little reminder to smile, every time you see them” says Lotte.

Dimensions and details

DesignBumble Turquoise
DimensionsH 15 x D 10 cm
MaterialABS | steel
DesignerHans Gustav Ehrenreich (1917-1984)
OriginDesigned in Denmark in 1968
PackagingGift boxed