Martin Schwartz Rome 1000 Piece City Jigsaw

In this intricate jigsaw puzzle by illustrator Martin Schwartz, the historic Italian city of Rome has been split into a thousand pieces. To reveal its buildings in all their glory you just need to put it back together again!

The eternal city has so many beautiful buildings spanning a time period of more than two thousand years. At the bottom of the puzzle the River Tiber floats and at the top you can see St. Peter’s Basilica, as many other famous Roman buildings are here to be found.

Along with the puzzle, you will find a complete list of the buildings as well as a guiding poster that shows the finished illustration.

Puzzle size: 50 x 70 cm.


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The soul of a city - in a thousand pieces.

Danish illustrator Martin Schwartz is renowned for his comprehensive and detailed illustrations of cityscapes.

Every project is the result of a long research process followed by three months of hard illustration work - with no compromises along the way. All buildings are carefully selected and illustrated down to the finest detail.

The end result is a mind-blowing design which depicts the city’s most iconic buildings, historical landmarks as well as typical houses in their finest details. His designs give you the soul of a city in a single print.