Polarbox Classic Cool Box - Nude

There are cool boxes, and then there are COOOL boxes!

Introducing Polarbox: Your ultimate outdoor companion. With its rounded shape and retro styling, the Polarbox doesn't just look great, it also keeps your food and drinks chilled for up to 24 hours.

Available in two sizes – 12 litres & 20 litres – the nude cool box, adorned with an olive Polarbox logo, is ready to rock your outdoor parties, picnics, festivals, and camping trips. 

The nude Polarbox boasts a natural leather handle with two side buckles that offer options to secure the lid, carry it by hand, or hang it over your shoulder.

Flip the lid, and it transforms into a convenient serving tray!


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How to optimize a cool box use for freshness:

  1. Pre-Cool: Chill it using ice packs.

  2. Smart Packing: Layer strategically, ice packs below, and use dividers.

  3. Layering: Alternate ice and items, allow air circulation.

  4. Seal Tight: Shut lid securely for no cold air leakage.

  5. Temp Control: Open less to keep the cold in. 

  6. Ice Refresh: Swap melted ice for fresh packs to stay cool.

  7. Limit Heat: Avoid hot cars, excessive opening – both affect cooling.

  8. The 12-litre cooler is perfect for solo adventures or beverages for two.

  9. Optimal for picnics or day trips, the 20-litre cooler suits a couple's needs perfectly.

Dimensions and details

ColourwayNude | Olive Polarbox Logo
CapacityThe 12-litre box holds up to 15 cans | The 20-litre box holds up to 30 cans.
Dimensions12 Litre Polarbox - H 24.3 x W 25.9 x D 39.3 cm - 20 Litre Polarbox - H 28.9 x W 30.2 x D 44.7 cm
Weight12 Litre - 1 kg | 20 Litre - 1.3 kg
CompositionPolypropylene | Expanded polystyrene (AIRPOP) | Leather handle
Care AdviceWipe with a damp cloth. Dry thoroughly.
OriginMade in Spain
NoteYou can sustain a chilled temperature for 24 hours, based on initial cooling, items stored, and added cooling agents.
Useful to knowReversible lid, converts into drinks tray.