The Space Station Escape Room for Children by Puzzle Post

The Puzzle Post Space Station is in low orbit around the earth and has intercepted radio waves carrying a secret message.

Astronaut Alice has hidden the message behind a series of puzzles to keep it safe, can you solve them to reveal her message? 

Alice has given you everything you need in the envelope, so fire up those rocket engines and get to work.

Each item in the puzzle represents a different challenge - some are maths-based, others logic - but all are designed to test different skills and be plenty of fun along the way!

Age Range - 7-10.

1-2 players.


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Whether you are an escape room aficionado or yet to get the bug, Puzzle Post's Escape Rooms in an Envelope make fantastic entertainment for get-togethers and gatherings.

Imagine an immersive game of Cluedo brought to life in your living room, featuring gripping stories, mysterious puzzles, and realistic snippets of evidence.


  • Shiny red envelope
  • Letter from Astronaut Alice
  • Alice's to-do list
  • Space Station pencil
  • 2 safety rope photographs
  • Astronaut training plan
  • 4 planet fact cards
  • EVA logbook
  • Alice's star mapping
  • Ground control conversation transcript
  • Pre-flight checklist
  • Clues are available online, in case you get stuck

Dimensions and details

NameThe Space Station
DimensionsH 26 x W 19 x D 0.5 cm
OriginMade in United Kingdom
Suitable ForPuzzle Post recommends the puzzle for children aged 7-10 but there are clues available so no one gets stuck.
Note30 - 40 min average play time. 1 - 2 players.