Singing Friend Jesse Recycled Bird Feeder

Hello JESSE - Where eco-friendliness meets a feathered buffet!

Singing Friend designs and produces their most charming bird feeders in the Netherlands using 100% recycled materials, namely the insides of old beverage and juice containers.

The delightful JESSE bird feeder, with its beautiful pinecone design, is ideal for our smaller garden birds. After a little simple assembly, hang it using the recycled cord in a tree or from a hook, fill it from the top, and let the seeds filter down through the layers.

Feed the birds, not the landfill.


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About Singing Friend:

The story began in the Netherlands in 1951 with a man and his deep-rooted passion for birds. The family business was passed from father to son, and then the third generation took the reins, all while preserving their love for birds. These days, they enhance the joy of gardens, balconies, and terraces for both people and animals.

Jeroen Mutsaers and the close-knit team are continuously developing new concepts, seeking the connection between humans, nature, and quality products. As they do this, they are also environmentally conscious, using sustainable resources to minimise their impact on the Earth.

Singing Friend represents a blend of functionality, user-friendliness, and quality, with a keen attention to detail in all aspects. Their products are designed to make life more convenient, enhance the enjoyment of our homes, and bring happiness to our feathered friends. They bridge the gap between design and nature, encouraging the creation of new living spaces for birds, all thanks to people who share their passion.

The Singing Friend Formula:

Attention + Sustainability + Uniqueness = Singing Friend 

Dimensions and details

DimensionsL13 x W 13 x H 15 cm
MaterialRecycled plastic | recycled PET bottle rope
Weight150 g
Care AdviceWash in warm soapy water
OriginMade in the Netherlands
Suitable ForBird seed
NoteRequires simple assembly. Bird seed not included.
Useful to knowSinging Friends products are UV protected
PackagingPresented in a gift box