Skandinavisk Øy Scented Candle Refill - 200g

Extend the life of your Skandinavisk candle glass with the new ØY scented candle refill and leave a lighter footprint.

The ØY scented candle refill is part of Skandinavisk's Cirkulär collection and is designed for use in a Skandinavisk 200g painted glass candle jar.

ØY [OEIYY], countless uninhabited islands scattered across Scandinavian waters invite absolute escape. Echoing the breezy freshness of the archipelagos with subtle notes of crabapple and dog rose, water mosses and green leaves.

Made from a blend of perfume and Swedish rapeseed wax with a 100% pure cotton wick. 

Burn time of up to 50 hours.


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SKANDINAVISK is 2 English chaps, Shaun and Gerry, who fell in love with 2 blonde Scandinavian girls 15 years ago and never left.

Shaun and Gerry believe the absolute essence of Scandinavian lifestyle is right here - in the colour, scent, light and warmth of a flickering candle flame and a glow that not only burrows deep through the wax but nourishes the soul too. After all, Scandinavians use more candles than any other nation in the world. They use them morning, noon and night. 12 months a year. Because they know that a candle makes any moment softer, more informal, more cosy. And they are the world's happiest people, so we think that's something worth sharing.

The Skandinavisk home fragrance collection is inspired by more than 15 years of travel and experiences across the Nordic region. 

Dimensions and details

NameØy (Island)
FragranceCrabapple and dog rose, water mosses and green leaves.
Burn TimeUp to 50 hours
MaterialThe new base for the wax is extracted from traceable, sustainably farmed and non-GMO Swedish rapeseed oil. It is blended to burn as stably and slowly as the previous wax bases, just with less overall impact.
Suitable ForDesigned for use in a Skandinavisk 200g painted glass candle jar.
Top TipThe first time you light the candle let it burn long enough to get the entire top liquid wax, this will prevent tunneling.