Sompex Top 2.0 RGBW Bottle Light - Olive

This cool rechargeable LED light from Sompex transforms ordinary bottles into radiant masterpieces. It's like a magical genie that grants your empty bottles a second life!

Picture this, you've just finished a bottle of your favourite tipple, and instead of throwing it away, the Sompex TOP light 2.0 turns your empty bottle into a stylish lamp.

Reassuringly heavy, the olive TOP light has a silicone stopper that fits into most bottles. Simply insert it into the neck of the bottle, and voila! Instant illumination, and your bottle is lit with a soft, warm glow or a rainbow of colours – you can choose from 14 different light colours.

It's upcycling in a particularly stylish form!


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Three different light modes can be selected via the touch sensor in the shade: 

1. Colour temperature (selection): 
In this mode, choose between the warm white LEDs 2700K and 3000K. 

2. Coloured light (selection):
In this mode, you choose your colour tone from 12 light colours. The following RGB colours are available for selection: Red, Red-Magenta, Magenta, Blue-Magenta, Blue, Cyan-Blue, Cyan, Cyan-Green, Green-Yellow, Yellow, Orange 

3. Coloured light (7-minute automatic):
In this mode, all 12 RGB colours are played automatically in a 7-minute colour change. The colour change is stepless and offers a pleasant and at the same time varied ambience due to the smooth transitions (approx. 30 seconds). 

In mode 1. & 2. the brightness of the bottle light can be regulated via the touch sensor. 

With memory function: 
The colour mode and brightness of the TOP 2.0 bottle light are saved. This way, you can comfortably start with the TOP 2.0 with your desired settings.

Dimensions and details

ColourwayOlive TOP 2.0 RGBW
DimensionsØ 12.5 x H 11 cm
MaterialHigh-quality Resin with splash water protection (IP44) and built-in dimmer. Food-safe silicone stopper.
Charged UsingRechargeable with the supplied USB-C cable.
Charging TimeApprox 8 hours
BrightnessLED 1.3 watt. Light colour from 2700 to 3000 Kelvin.
Light DurationApprox 9 hours
OriginDesigned in Germany
Suitable ForFits most bottles. Suitable for indoors & outdoors - IP44 classification.
NoteBottle can be empty or filled with liquid.
Useful to knowSimply tap the top to turn on, dim, or turn off.
PackagingPresented in a smart gift box.